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DOPA Ice Bath

DOPA Ice Bath

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The DOPA ice bath is a compact and convenient solution for rapid muscle recovery and therapeutic cold therapy. Designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone in need of quick relief from strenuous activity, this lightweight and durable unit can be easily set up anywhere. It features a robust, insulated exterior to maintain optimal cold temperatures and a comfortable, spacious interior to accommodate full-body immersion.

Key Features & Benefits

  • The DOPA Ice Bath employs advanced cooling technology to deliver efficient and effective cold therapy.
  • This innovative portable ice bath features an insulated, durable tub that can be easily filled with water and ice. It maintains a consistently low temperature to ensure optimal therapeutic benefits.
  • The DOPA ice bath is designed to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and enhance muscle recovery by immersing the body in cold water. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation and setup, making it an ideal solution for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking quick recovery on the go.

How it Works

  • When the body or specific body parts are immersed in the cold water, it helps reduce inflammation, numb pain, and speed up recovery. The portable design allows users to easily transport and set up the ice bath wherever needed, making it an ideal solution for athletes and anyone requiring quick and efficient cold therapy away from home.

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Hear from Our Customers Themselves!

I bought this after reading about the benefits of ice bath therapy, but I have waited until the warmer weather to brave using it :) This was simple to set up, and I used 4 bags of ice in cold water and felt the benefits the day after. This is big enough for me (6ft) and seems sturdy so no concerns just now. I can't complain. Reasonable price and does what it should so 5 *.


This is a great product, easy to put up, doesn't leak, very comfortable and sturdy. It looks great too. I use mine twice a day.


I started cold showers about a year ago and it was about time for me to experience Ice bath and as I didnt want to spend a lot of money and didnt have enough space to accomodate a big bath tub and I decided to purchase this portable bath tub as I could use it in my garden, it was easy to assemble and fill with cold ice and water. Very good experience i must say, doesnt take much time to fold it back in the box. Would recommend this to all the beginners.


The size is fantastic for my small garden. It was easy to assemble and I am very thankful it has a lid.


I use this with my cricket team and it’s perfect post match for cold therapy ice bath. Life saver for the cold dips and that too at the fraction of the cost compared to some big brands


Like a lot of people, the idea of cold therapy is something that has been sold to me by pretty convincing testimonies. When buying into the equipment needed for home use, I didn't want to spend excessively nor buy something completely unknown and end up with a write-off.

I am so happy with the DOPA ice bath – it has been a really great purchase. Setup is so simple, just remember to point the outlet towards your nearest drain to help with emptying/cleaning.


I'm 5"11 and found this comfortable to sit in. It was easy to set up and came with a lid to keep the water clean. Highly recommend!


Featured in

Cold Therapy: The Key to a Healthy Life

Cold water temperature constricts blood vessels, decreasing metabolic activity and swelling in the tissues. After exiting the ice bath, the body warms up, and blood flow increases, helping to flush out waste products and bringing in oxygen and nutrients to aid in muscle recovery. This process can alleviate pain, reduce muscle soreness, and enhance overall recovery after intense physical activity.